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Adding a deck onto your property or upgrading your existing is always a good investment. If your deck is going to be above 1.5m from ground level it will need to go through a design stage and building consent approval. We can oversee this and also give you good practical advice on what can be achieved to suit your needs. Call us today.

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Kwila deck with planter Purple heart decking

The price of getting a deck built can vary enormously depending on the site specific engineering requirements. These next photos show heavily cantilevered decks over retainer walls on steep sloping locations. This requires deeper drilling, larger timber sizes or the use of steel.

Fixing down the hard wood decking The footings needed to go 700 below the bottom of the retainer The finished handrail with stainless steel woven mesh

Example of another deck foundation up on Scenic Drive where the sites or notoriously steep.

The foundation posts which also support a retainer wall are over 350 mm in diameter and driven deep into the bank. The steel bearers and beams were all prefabricated off site. We had to drag them up a steep drive on a wooden cradle dragged behind the back of a 4 wheel drive.

Working in all conditions rain or shine Vitex decking with Kwila perimeter board Macrocarpa Pergola

A Job we've just finished at 31 Faulder Avenue in Westmere.

Sun setting on a high level deck that we've built at 64 Rimutaka place in woodlands park. The engineer specified bracing piles at 150x150mm gauge in a 1m deep footing.

This meant we didn't need to fit any diagonal cross bracing timbers that can end up looking a bit unsightly.