Budget Homes gallery

There is a huge demand in New Zealand for affordable housing but with the cost of new sections, materials and council levies being extremely high we have to be quite ingenuitive with our designs.

Here are some examples of projects where the clients were on a tight budget, but the designs were clever enabling the buildings to be constructed in a short time period saving on labour costs.

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Timber driven pile foundation home for Bryan, Glengarry Road, Henderson

Timber driven piles are quick to put in and save money on concrete Setting out the floor framing The floor framing and prenail go up relatively quickly The shadow clad used here is a cheap but effective alternative to weatherboard

Rebuild of  2 Bedroom unit, 3 Wakatipu street, Pt Chev

This job involved removing an existing unit, and putting in a new concrete slab floor foundation. In this case we did all our own framing to a similar size and scale to the pre existing unit. The building was finished off in a profile metal sheet cladding.

Bowling the old unit Bowling the old unit The finished article. Functioning and rented out.

22 Ashley Ave, Mangere

Keeping the costs down with a simple design using factory pre nail framing and trusses and the use of aluminium joinery.