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This insulation is simply fantastic. Easy to install under floor, in wall, and in ceiling. Made from recycled plastic bottles in a polyester blanket/batt form. It holds itself in place so no need for stapling to joists under floor for instance. The absence of any resins that are found in more traditional batts means that they don't attract vermin such as mice and rats. The plastic fibre composition means that they do not soak up and retain any moisture or condensation. This product could seriously help deal to some of the issues surrounding leaky home.

Expensive Building materials?

Quite interesting reading in the news about the Productivity Commissions findings into housing affordability in Auckland. Speaking to one of my  supplier Sales Rep's earlier today I was reminded that Carter Holt Harvey is in fact the sole primary supplier of timber throughout New Zealand. As well as selling direct through there own retail stores 'Carters', they supply to the likes of Fletcher Building which in turn has a big monopoly owning other companies such as Firth Concrete and Placemakers.

Although much of our timber is grown in New Zealand it no longer gets milled here, most of the mills have long disappeared. Instead the logged timber is sent to China where it is prepared into products such as weatherboards and framing timber. It is then shipped back to New Zealand. On average our building products here are about %40 more expensive than they are in Australia.

Sadly however, although the Commission has helped elucidate these findings (at great expense to the Tax payer) it is unlikely anything will be done by the National to upset the current Status Quo. Instead they will more likely focus there energies on getting rural greenbelt land re- zoned in a bid to lower section prices.

Pre Purchase Building Reports

Due to increasing demands we now offer pre purchase visual home inspection building reports. For a typical 3-4 bedroom home on a level site prices average $450.00 (Excl GST)

LED Energy efficient bulbs

Annual power savings . Bulbs may last up to 10,000 hrs as opposed to an average 2000 from an incandescent. Bulbs do not burn hot

LED Energy efficient bulbs

Bulbs now come in all forms, such as recessed spots to replace halogens 240 or 12v, standard bayonet, or screw fit. Bulbs of just 7 watts can emit the same levels of light as a 75 watt Incandescent and some can be used in conjunction with dimmer modules. Outdoor security flood lights would typically be 25 watts. The LED'S are more expensive than your traditional bulb. Ones such as in the picture above can retail around $35.00. This can end up being a hefty outlay. But the overall savings in the longterm could certainly make it worthwhile. Unlike other energy saver bulbs they do not hold toxic chemicals that would otherwise end up in the landfill. For further advice speak to a reputable sparky such as my good friend Matt from MDC electrical AKL 021 434284

House Inspections

House inspections

With a buyers beware housing market, we have been getting more inquiries from customers seeking building inspections. We are happy to carry out visual inspections. Pricing may vary, although an average inspection for say a 120m2 - 160m2 dwelling would be around $200.00 + GST 

Ongas LPG gas alternative from Vector

Getting bottled gas could be a cheaper option than getting a mains connection. Vector are offering 2 big bottles for $128.00 a year rental and bottle swaps for $99.50 each.

Ongas LPG


Dan Joint Builders are proud members of BNI which is an international business networking organisation. Popular with businesses throughout New Zealand as well as overseas, the organisation works on a givers gain philosophy in which members can gain referral work from other members. Auckland is host to a number of BNI Chapters which meet once a week in various different places, generally over breakfast. Our chapter (BNI Central) is always on the look out for new members, if you think your business may benefit give me a call on 021 241 0676 and we may be able to have you along as a visitor to see what its all about. Our meetings are held at the Billfish Cafe in Westhaven Marina on Thursday mornings. You can also visit the BNI website for further info.

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